April 29, 2017
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Prayer Requests

Maria José O. Post
March 27, 2017
A paz!Peço orações pela transformação e conversão de José Edércio de Castro e restauração do amor dele por mim, que a gente volte a ser como era no início de nosso namoro. Peço também orações por keila e Deleon que irão fazer um concurso público, que eles venham a ocupar as vagas pretendidas em nome de Jesus. Peço orações por portas abertas de emprego para o Thiago de Rezende Pereira e um esposo abençoado para minha filha Fabrícia Fernandes Ferreira. Saúde para meu irmão Ademir José de Oliveira. Obrigada! Deus os abençoe. Maria José de Oliveira.
Anonymous Anonymous Post
February 23, 2017
unspoken paryer chain I need people agree in your paryer about this with us thankyou Emmanuel now what is I'm not put my business on here thankyou it answer it even if we have see the outcome in this we need people join us in this davil you have no part in this paryer and my family flee in the name Jesus christ my father in heaven Amen it the deris of are heart
Anonymous Anonymous Post
February 23, 2017
me and my husband try to have a family pary for God timeing and as going to ministry to pastor someday pls keep me and Andrew in your paryers. we are all parying for you are friend God Bless we pary for baby girl
January 24, 2017
May I request second prayer about North Korea here ? About 3 months ago I asked you to pray...I was thankful for you last time..

the most concern I concerning about is that you pray for this times the people and don't pray for the people I asked last time. But they are most urgent ,and I want you to pray for them again...(the pregnant women,forced to abortioned by kicking belly,abortion operations ,by Korean-seasaw on her belly,by force labor, by longtime giving shape of the 'hands of the clocks' ,by force injection,by directly by knives of officials, and 'smashing their belly with lumber of officials'...And fetuses, And disable,disable babies..(dragged to '49th ward' used as guinea pig), and small children (12 hours labor,night beaten by other adult prisoners and eating mouse head remnant),and massacres involving UN Security council commission to all people...for still I have no exact information renewed,, and this time is for ...

- The Human experimentation process -
Inside the North Korea prison camp,prisoners are used to a chemical and nuclear weapon experimentation . the most refractory christians also sent to the place of human experimentation process.-

-the Summary executions inside the North Korea prison camp-..
Each night, numbers of people called to receive summary execution ...the decision is made only by some soldiers secretly, and they are executed by squeezing neck by big soldiers

-Public executions inside North Korea-
Up to 30 family members executed at once , Sometimes shooting distance is close as prisoners blood is splash to soldiers clothes..

-Prisoners used as a martial art training toy-
Prisoners are used as training toys of the North Korea special forces , tied up to trees, beaten by well known North Korea special forces

-Prisoners used as a surgery toys-..
Do surgery exercise only putting dirty towels on their mouth,without any anesthesia,women are dead so pathetically..,because there exist sexual mischief

-Orphans of North Korea-
They are tortured inside the North Korea prison camp, because they crossed the border illegally-to beg food,they are dying for severe malnutritions and diseases, some of them are raised by chinese riches to receive human organ extraction...

More google images
https://www.google.co.kr/search?q=%EB%B6%81%ED%95%9C %EC%A0%95%EC%B9%98%EB%B2%94 %EC%88%98%EC%9A%A9%EC%86%8C&newwindow=1&biw=1280&bih=629&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ei=jmIyVdm0BYPMmwWQtIHQCg&ved=0CAcQ_AUoAg,

Thank you, for our peoples behalf,

Address: 801,1603Dong,LH Samsong Apt.,Wonheung-dong,Deogyang-gu,Goyang-si,Gyeonggi-do,Korea
Tommy B. Post
January 17, 2017
Please pray for me and my wife nicola. Pray that god gives us a miracle and brings us back together, ask that he softens her heart towards me and that he helps her to miss and love me, pray that our marriage is restored, reconciled, healed and strengthened with us together as husband and wife, ask that this gods will and that the lord gives her the strength, courage and words to ask me to go back to her, please pray this to his glory and in the name of the father, son and the holy spirit.
Thank you and god bless all ask this prayer for me, i very much appreciate it.
palila b. Post
December 31, 2016
Am Palila butler I really want you all to pray for me. so i find my right partner, Am 30yrs and lonely. palilabutleruk @ gmail .com
Anonymous Anonymous Post
December 10, 2016
Please pray for me that I may be able to receive God's help for my finances. I am in dire need of money today almost 400 thousand Philippine peso. I don't know where else to go. This has caused me sleepless nights for about three weeks now. Please God, help me to settle all my debts and obligations- Rose M
Ed W. Post
November 20, 2016
Please pray for my friend's request:

"I have a prayer request. I'm originally from Iran and I've been living in Canada. Life is sometimes complicated and unexplainable!! Due to so much that has been happened in my life I've never got the opportunity of inviting my sisters who live in Iran to come to Canada for a short visit. A month ago I hired an immigration consultant to help me in this matter and she did. All their documents prove and show that it's going to be a short visit and they will go back home after! I received an refusal letter last Wednesday that really shocked me. I've asked all my Christian fellows to stand in this agreement the "Final Word and the decision" is with our Lord. I do not want or ask anything outside the Will of God but I have so much peace that God doesn't want to see me disappointed! It's a part of human rights to be a host of my family after 20 years!! Would you please put my request in the prayer chains that I'm sure you have one and ask people you know to pray for this matter."
jospeter k. Post
October 17, 2016
i want to know God's will for me and my family we are not together now separated becoz of poverty i pray that God will open a door for us to be united and live together again.
Patricia M. Post
August 20, 2016
Update from Debra's sister this evening:
Debra is needing some very strong prayer warriors. She has had a set back. She had her 6th surgery Wednesday night. The
Dr's are keeping her heavily sedated because they want her to stay quite and let her body heal.
Thank you all for sweet thoughts and prayers for my precious sister. LOVE & HUGS!
I first posted for Debra on July 29th. She is having a lot of setbacks. Please keep her in your prayers.
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