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Prayer Requests

Scott H. Post
February 2, 2013
Please be in prayer for my wife Lisa who is experiencing severe left leg pain. This started out as just numbness almost 5 years ago when she gave birth to our daughter Rebekah Joy and she has been dealing with the numbness until about about a couple months ago when the pain started and since then it has progressively gotten worse and she has had numeous testing done on it to try and figure out whats going on but so far no luck. Please pray for healing, relief from the pain and that the Drs. figure out whats going on with her.
Anonymous Anonymous Post
January 23, 2013
Please pray for Mallory. She needs the Lord.
Anonymous Anonymous Post
January 13, 2013
Please pray for my brothers to get a jobs,my finances and for a good relationship with the father of my child.Amen
ewell c. Post
December 1, 2012
My wife is on hospice care. And I am haunted by old hurtful memories, please pray for us.
Anonymous Anonymous Post
November 19, 2012
Please pray for my college studies. I need another source of inspiration to keep me moving. May God will blessed me a lad who will appreciate and will understand me in my flaws. Thank you.
Anonymous Anonymous Post
November 19, 2012
I am alone in a very difficult, ongoing situation. My Husband abandoned me a while back and is unsaved.I need the help of a Husband. Please pray.
ewell c. Post
October 20, 2012
MY wife is very ill and my oldest daughter is in icu after an vehicle accident. Both dearly need prayer
Anonymous Anonymous Post
October 20, 2012
Please pray for me I have irregular heart beats.
Anonymous Anonymous Post
September 28, 2012
Please my name is TERRY and am seeking admission, please pray for me.
Trishae H. Post
September 25, 2012
Please pray for me as am seeking to find a job.And that my marriage will get better.

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