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Prayer Requests

Anonymous Anonymous Post
April 16, 2013
Please pray for my complete & total deliverance & healing.
Manuel P. Post
March 23, 2013
please pray for my dad he is in the hospital had a stroke. Please agree with me for healing
celeste s. Post
March 18, 2013
Anonymous Anonymous Post
February 28, 2013
I have an emergency un-spoken prayer request the good Lord knows what it is and I just ask that all my brothers and sisters pray and agree with me on this request. In Jesus Name Amen!!
Anonymous Anonymous Post
February 25, 2013
I am asking for a very very important prayer request.. Like now!!! My daughter gets to drinking those tilt drinks which have alcohol in them and she decides to take her two small children walking on the roads with her and I have a son that is a cutter when he drinks he cuts his self so bad that it's a wonder he hasn't died from it yet... I am in constant fear that something bad is going to happen and there isn't nothing I can do to stop them I have tryed any and everything that has been suggested to me.. I pray for their safety all the time but they are getting worse. My daughter wants to run her mouth to her ex's people and all they are is drug users and drunks and I am afraid they are going to do something to her worse than they have before. They have already beaten her so bad then threw her out is the snow without a coat or any shoes before and I am so scared for hers and our safety because of it.. I ask that you all pray with me that God interveen and take control of this matter... I have to work and take care of my sick mother and have to depend on my daughter to sit with my mother while I am working and I am so scared to leave the house because of not knowing when she will decide to start her drinking... I let her live with me because she has no car, no job and no way to support the two babies and to be honest with you I don't feel it is safe for her to be raising two children on her own.
Anonymous Anonymous Post
February 6, 2013
Please pray for my dear friend Emile. I pray that he will find God and love him with all his heart, all his mind, and all his strength. I pray that he would be accepted into the family by Almighty God. May God put a hedge of protection around him and his.
Scott H. Post
February 2, 2013
Please be in prayer for my wife Lisa who is experiencing severe left leg pain. This started out as just numbness almost 5 years ago when she gave birth to our daughter Rebekah Joy and she has been dealing with the numbness until about about a couple months ago when the pain started and since then it has progressively gotten worse and she has had numeous testing done on it to try and figure out whats going on but so far no luck. Please pray for healing, relief from the pain and that the Drs. figure out whats going on with her.
Anonymous Anonymous Post
January 23, 2013
Please pray for Mallory. She needs the Lord.
Anonymous Anonymous Post
January 13, 2013
Please pray for my brothers to get a jobs,my finances and for a good relationship with the father of my child.Amen
ewell c. Post
December 1, 2012
My wife is on hospice care. And I am haunted by old hurtful memories, please pray for us.

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