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Prayer Requests

Anonymous Anonymous Post
January 22, 2015
Please pray for my family and I we were, evicted from our home on January 7, 2015,we have no money have been praying to the Lord for help to get the money to buy a home, and pay off some old debts and some peoples that have helped us already that I owes money.And please pray for the peoples who took our home, they owe us money and took both our money and our home. We are trying to get fraud charges against them, this management company Aqua management, run by Michelle Kostowic, and this receiver Henry E.Marines, P.A.,We the money and a lawyer, I want my home back, but I need money to find a home for now while we are fighting, they took a lot of peoples homes, please pray for us, please bless with this lump sum of money so I can pay the peoples, I owes money too, and pay my storage and other debts, I owe,please dear Jesus, I need this money before the end of the money, I need a miracle and i need it in a hurry, some of these peoples are mad because I have not payed them the monies I owe them. I am praying the Lord will bless us with the money to buy a home and pay it off, please thank you LORD for helping and blessing me my two sons Ellis A. Holmes,my son Frederick Holmes is trying to find his own place, pray hegets it please, we asking the Lord for the money for first and last month, please pray we get it. We are really looking for a nice place, in a safe andsecure neighborhood, in miami, been having a lot of killings shooting,please help us to pray. Thank you and God blesses all of you who will help pray to get this money and find a nice decent home to live in again. In Jesus name we pray, amen.
chantal p. Post
January 5, 2015
Me and michael love each other but we had an argument and now his ignoring me and doesnt wannt yo forgive me but i forgave him...i want this relationdhip restored because we were talking about getting married....i want him to understand that im not like his exes...i need his kids to accept me and my kid to accept him...i want michael to stop ignoring me and come back to me so that we can get married asap......i also need a financial breakthrough forymyself and my familt
Anonymous Anonymous Post
December 5, 2014
I currently have 2 children in foster care, one is in the process of adoption. We have had our girls since birth they were born drug addicted and in withdrawal. One of my girls is facing an upcoming surgery for pulmonary stenosis, the baby we just found out may not be able to see being she is only 2 months old born premature we do not know the extent of her vision loss.. I ask for prayers that if it's the Lord's will they be healed and regardless of what God's will is that he provides the support and means we need to meet our girls needs..the resources to help and the strength in trying times, the comfort when we feel overwhelmed and calm when we feel anxious
Anonymous Anonymous Post
November 3, 2014
My husband move out of the house and he is an alcoholic. I need prayer for his deliverance and to be save
Anonymous Anonymous Post
October 11, 2014
I am feeling soo sad and stressed. I'm in great need of $500 withing 24hr so it would provide me with shelter, food,transportation and clothing I really need my heavenly father to make a way out of no way. So I can receive this $500 that I urgently need. May jehovah jireh bless those that are reading and praying on my behalf.Thank you.
Ed W. Post
September 30, 2014
Please pray for Mike Tichinko he is a veteran suffering from agent orange is in hospital his immune system is very low. Thank you for your prayers for Mike!!
Ed W. Post
September 30, 2014
Please pray for our longtime friend Kenneth Brewer. He has a brain disorder caused by head injury a couple of months ago in an accident. He had been recovering well and was back at work but then began having confusion. It was first thought that he had inflammation in his brain and was treated with steroids which made his condition worse. Tests have ruled out inflammation and they are not sure what is causing problem now. He has been hospitalized for a couple of weeks now and is not speaking, but does appear to know people. Will soon move him to a care center. Thank you for your prayers and support!!
Betty Jean M. Post
September 11, 2014
Please pray for GOD to bless me and my huband financially not only for ourselves but so we can also be a financial blessing to others.
Ed W. Post
August 21, 2014
Please pray for Justin Lewis a young man who has been battling cancer. They have recently found spots on his spine and hip. Tomorrow he is having a brain scan. Thank you for your prayers for Justin!!
Anonymous Anonymous Post
July 20, 2014
Hellow, Please pray for me and my girls, I have 3, which 2 of them are really disrespectful, to the point that I no longer talk to those 2. That means that I don;t see my precious grandbabies anymore.I really miss them so much. But I just couldnt deal with the disrespect. I gve up seeing them not to deal with them. But I miss the children.

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