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Prayer Requests

shanjeshni R. Post
February 4, 2016
To get a job.to marry the person I love
Alex L. Post
December 30, 2015
Guys, I need a major prayer request, God is working though me to lead a girl in India to him, but Satan has done a very good job breaking her, and she has no fight left in her, she is trying to change for my sake, Please pray for her, and also pray for Satan to be rebuked in Gods holy name and that God sends Angels to protect her
Ed W. Post
November 18, 2015
Please pray for Jeanie as she is continuing to have pain from her back even after having two injections. She is also having some problem that may be related to her thyroid where she can hardly move in the mornings.
Ed W. Post
November 9, 2015
Please pray for Rylen a boy from our church who has just been admitted to hospital with what appears to be pneumonia. He wasn't responding to treatment so they mediflighted him to a children's hospital in Dallas and he is in ICU there. Thanks for your prayers!!
Aquilla F. Post
November 3, 2015
Please pray for the deliverance of Mrs Aquilla and her Family.
Thank you
Anonymous Anonymous Post
October 18, 2015
Please pray that Mark and I will reconcile?
Anonymous Anonymous Post
September 19, 2015
pls pray that i could retain my job. currently it does not look good as my workload is almost all reduce. I am very nervous and anxious about the whole situation that is giving me sleepless nights and i could not eat properly. pray that Jesus will create a way in the desert and part the red sea so I can be safe...eg.
In Jesus name we pray, Amen.
annie s. Post
August 27, 2015
please pray for my 20 yr old son who is addicted to drugs he is currently seperated from his wife and they are having a baby in november he is unhappy living in the town where he is now he wants to live somewhere else but his wife does not want to move and that is the reason he is seperated please pray for him
Brinal P. Post
August 21, 2015
Can you please pray for me, about a year ago I was diagnosed with Barrett's Esophagus, and I also have a hiatus hernia. I am still having very bad burning/heartburn, despite the high dose of medications. I am on a waiting list to have an operation, coz my lower Esophagus sphincter is very weak and stays open, which causes this heart burn.
Volieda W. Post
June 11, 2015
I have been in a stressed and in a spiraling financial downfall for the last 12 weeks. I have no steady income and I fell behind with rent and bills. I have had to rely on others but I still feel threatened through evil and finances. I don't like this feeling. Please pray for me to have my finances settled and my rent paid and current. Protection from any evil people towards me or any of my family members. I want this heavy feeling on stress lifted out of my heart and my soul. I want protection for me and my family from God. I want him to hold us in his hand and close to his chest. I want him to forgive me of all of my sins and release my soul anew.

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