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Prayer Requests

Mike C. Post
March 26, 2012
this is from one of my groups


Please pray for my dear brother. The devil attacked his mind and he

cannot practice his profession medicin. Also pray for Emmanuel's

kidneys to be restored. He is on dialysis at the moment and all alone

in Germany. Pray that he will be free to come back home to us in

Ghana.Thank you brethren in the Lord.
Mike C. Post
March 26, 2012
Hi passing this on

Terry Lynn
I am asking for prayers for my son, Tyler. He suffers with PTSD and
substance abuse. Tyler has been in a lot of trouble since he came home
from the service and recently made more bad choices. Please pray that
he can come to know the lord and cast out the devil that has enveloped
his life. Pray that he can deal with his anger & frustration and can
open up his heart and let the lord and people in. He needs prayers
badly to overcome the deep shadow in his life, to be able to open up
and seek out the help that he needs. I Pray for his total health-
physically, mentally, spiritually, & financially. He needs prayers to
help him find employment and overcome his financial troubles. I lift
him up to you Lord.

Please pray that his Aunt can find it in her heart to forgive him and
heal our family. A big thank you to everyone who sends their prayers
our way! In the name of Jesus, Amen!
Anonymous Anonymous Post
March 24, 2012
Please pray for my 2years old son Jayden,who has not started saying any words yet.The doctor is suspecting Autism.Some of the behavior he is exhibiting are leaning towards Autism syndrome.I know we serve a God of miracles and I want you to join me in prayers to our father in heaven.
Ed W. Post
March 20, 2012
Please pray for Arnold Rice who has had a stroke and is at Southwest Medical Center in Oklahoma City. It appears that the stroke was severe affecting his right side, speech, and ability to eat.
Mike C. Post
March 17, 2012
The Ark of the covenant found - now revealed the blood of Christ on the mercy seat - Documentary
Brothers & sisters I have some very good news this video is a must see & please don't delete this but pass it on
Jami S. Post
March 16, 2012
I have a unique prayer request. I am in need of prayers. I am a 27 year old mother struggling with addiction. I have lain all my issues at the feet of the lord and praying that he will shine upon me and helpme defeat the demons within. If you don't mind please pry for me and my family. My family are unsure of the decision I have made to leave the place that triggers me and start a new life. I believe that God has shown me a path to take and I am traveling it but they do not fully understand it. Please help me pray for them as well so their hearts can be lifted and their minds at peace knowing that I have found Jesus and he walks with me.
Ed W. Post
March 15, 2012
Please pray for Philisha Rogers who posted the following at the facebook We Want Christian Friends group: "please pray for me i heard voices in my head they tell me to do bad things ,the voices also tell to commit Suicide i really need your prayer, thanks if u pray"
Anonymous Anonymous Post
March 9, 2012
Hello, my name is john. I am currently searching for a job right now. It is hard because I am using my savings right now. Soon, I might go broke. I don't think it is God's will but please pray for me for open doors. I am looking for administrative/ accounting work.
Priscilla P. Post
February 29, 2012
Please pray for me. I was diagnosed a couple of weeks ago with stage IV lung cancer. I know the Lord can heal me. Please agree with me on this and for peace in my heart.
Anonymous Anonymous Post
January 29, 2012
I am asking that all my brothers and sister say a special prayer for me and my family. My husband hasn't worked since November, and where I got hurt at work and can't do all of my work duties my hours have been cut to were we can't even pay our bills at all I have been trying to sell Mary Kay to help out with the bills but I haven't had much luck and we are falling more and more behind in everything. It takes just about everything that I am making just to keep gas in the vehicel to get back and forth to work.. I am asking that God send a financial miracle before we loose our home and everything we own which isn't much but it's all we got. We have been struggling tryen to take care of our daughter and her two babies and now it's 100 times worse not to mention she went out and drank 2 drinks called tilts and she wrecked her car and now we have to worry about paying her fines and try to work on getting her liscens back. If it weren't for her two babies I would let her suffer for what she did, but I can't hurt two innacent babies because she got
stupid.. I come to you and ask this in Jesus's name. Amen!!

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