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Prayer Requests

Anonymous Anonymous Post
May 15, 2012
A young lady named Kathleen needs prayer. She has let the world keep her out of church & she was a worshiper. Pls. pray for her to return to her 1st love. This is so important--I'm asking the Lord to give her dreams, visions & revelations. Thanks.
Dana J. Post
May 14, 2012
Please pray that the Lord will bless me with a job and other financial opportunities. Ive been out of work for about 6 months. Thank you! Dana
Anonymous Anonymous Post
May 8, 2012
Please pray that God send me and my daughter unit members in our jobs and that we start making sales, this is how we pay our bills and without them we don't make money we need to pay the bills. My husband is out of work and this is our sole source of income, my daughters as well. I ask this in Jesus name Amen!!
Anonymous Anonymous Post
May 6, 2012
I need urgent and constant prayers for my 2 daughters I and M and also my granddaughter J. They have problems with their relationships and also addiction problems. Please pray the blood of Jesus Christ over them, their partners and my granddaughter. Jesus please intervene and make them happy and free of addictions. Pray that they will be happy and will find Jesus in their lives and that everything will go well in their lives. Please also pray that they will work and enjoy it. Thank you friends in Jesus. Mother
Ruth S. Post
May 2, 2012
My husband Ron has been out of work for 14 months and still can not find work. 1 place wanted him, but they wouldn't take him because his Blood Pressure was too high.

Please also pray for me(Ruth) I have Lupus and many other health problems.

Thank you so much !
Ed W. Post
April 19, 2012
Please pray for Missy Dyess who attends our church and was severely injured in a traffic accident this morning.
Richard C. Post
April 12, 2012
Hello everyone. I would like you to pray for me. To make a long story very short, in 1997 I was diagnosed with having a brain tumor. Throughout the years I have had a total of 19 different surgeries associated with my brain tumor. The tumor was removed in 2005 and since then I've had terrible migraines, earaches and tinnitus (ringing) in my right ear, which I can't hear out of for they removed part of the tumor there.
The tumor came out in 27 pieces, some through my scar on the right side of my head from the first surgery and the rest through my right ear. So please pray that someone or the great physician above will help me get rid of ALL this pain!!!! I thank you all in advance from the bottom of my heart for your thoughts and prayers in my time of need
Anonymous Anonymous Post
April 11, 2012
I have health problems. Please pray that the Lord will heal me.
Anonymous Anonymous Post
March 31, 2012
I am an older lady that is having severe back and hip pain. I have to work and my work is hard standing all day. pray I will be free of pain and can work at my job or get a better job sitting down.
Anonymous Anonymous Post
March 28, 2012
3 : Please pray for my marriage I have been married for 10 years and my husband just told me he doesn't want to work things out And once I get a job he will file for divorce. I was just saved about a month ago I feel like my world is falling apart I continue to trust in god words and promises but it's getting harder and harder as the days pass , I am trying to have faith but it's hard please pray for me since all types of thought go through my head , I have even thought About love spell casting , this break up is really affecting me and I don't want it affecting my salvation ..

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