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Devotionals 2007-2008

Whenever You Fall...Just Get Back Up
January 12, 2008By Merissa Lee (Parker) Kelley


Today’s devotional and poem was written by Merissa Lee Kelley. She has written many great poems and if you are a member of the facebook Burning Bush group you can read more of them there on the discussion board.

Merissa shares: Writing this poem was a "pep talk" to myself. It's very important to remember that when you fall...there is a difference in the way God "deals" with you about it and the way the enemy "attacks" you about it. God sent the Holy Spirit to counsel and comfort us. But He also convicts us when we are behaving wrong. The convicting power of the Holy Spirit is not negative or condemning. It is a sense of urgency...a "quickening" in your spirit that is placed there to get your attention. Sort of like a "red flag" waving..."GET OFF THE TRACK...DANGER AHEAD...A TRAIN IS HEADED YOUR WAY"

We are so blessed that the Holy Spirit hears the "train whistle" long before we do...and consistently urges us to mend our ways. It's crucial to heed the wisdom that the Holy Spirit is trying to will keep us balanced. It's when we tune Him out that our balance gets shaky and we're more apt to fall. However the tactic the enemy uses is completely opposite. His weapons are condemnation, regrets and guilt...and he can wield them like a sledgehammer. His purpose is to get you so mired down in feeling like a failure when you fall...that you will not have the strength to get back up. He can literally try to place a "spirit of heaviness" on you that weights you down. He delights when people "throw in the towel" so to he can gloat...mission accomplished.

We need to be as determined to succeed in our he is trying to get us to fail. Feelings are fickle...subject to change, based on the emotional state you are in at the moment. They aren't based on fact and "feeling" like a failure doesn't mean you ARE a failure. Remember, we are more than conquerors through Christ Jesus! Put on the "garment of praise" that drives away the "spirit of heaviness" and keep on stepping!

Whenever You Fall...Just Get Back Up

 by Merissa Lee Kelley

Sometimes I feel like such a failure...cause I fall down everyday I start each morning with good intentions...then get lost along the way And then the guilt comes pressing add its dismal view Shining a spotlight on what I've done or what I didn't do

Repent and get back on my feet is the only way to go But it really seems in that regard...I'm moving awfully slow Heart and mind in separate corners and neither wants to bend My "flesh" is pushing retaliation...while my spirit seeks to mend

Two steps forward and three steps back...what kind of dance is that? It feels more like a boxing round and I'm thrown to the mat So here I odds with me...which gives my head a spin Cause a double-minded team of a team that will not win

Condemnation rears it's head and although I'm well aware That it's a weapon formed against me...I still feel such despair And here I go again, dear Lord, falling on my face Counting all my numerous flaws...instead of seeking grace

This position is not's a bitter, wretched cup No matter how many times you've got to get back up Staying down is not an option, if you do...the race is lost Giving up before you finish...just isn't worth the cost

Day by day...step by step...He journeys by your side Everyday His mercy is new, to strengthen and to guide You're not a failure when you fail when you believe The lies the enemy conjures up...for his goal is to deceive

The depth of God's love perfectly matches each step you'll ever take So don't get negative towards yourself...if you happen to make a mistake Just get back up and keep your focus on the plan God has for you His hand is always reaching down to help you start anew.

Merissa Lee Kelley

January 10, 2008

"No, in all these things we are more than conquerors through him who loved us." Romans 8:37.

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